Happening Now

Strange Lusts / Strange Loves: An Anthology of Erotic Interactive Fiction

I am co-editing an anthology of interactive fiction with long-time collaborator Sharang Biswas! The games in this collection are themed on sex, sexuality, and intimacy. The Kickstarter just wrapped up, but you can still check it out here. The anthology will be made available for free on Strange Horizons next year.

The Red Death

The Red Death is an ongoing actual play podcast on the Roll to Play Network. We are currently on season 3! I play Agnes Han, a skeptic struggling to come to terms with her magical abilities.

The year is 1890. The place, Boston. An evil force, The Red Death, has seeped into our world, corrupting and conquering all those who touch it. Now, four adventurers have banded together. Can they keep The Red Death from holding total dominion over all? 

In Progress

New Choice of Games Project

I’m currently working on my second Choice of Games title! This one is a blend of sword and sorcery and horror.

Thirsty Sword Lesbians: The Tragedies of Waldron Hall

My setting, The Tragedies of Waldron Hall, was a stretch goal for the Thirsty Sword Lesbians Kickstarter that was wildly successful and funded in November 2020. This setting is inspired by gothic romances and is full of lesbian vampires and duels with monster hunters.

Women are Werewolves

Women are Werewolves is a card-driven story game I’m co-designing with Corinne Taylor. In it, you play non-binary members of a family in which the women turn into wolves during the full moon. It is a game about navigating microaggressions and your relationship with your family when that family has some heavily gendered traditions.

We’ll have some exciting news about this game soon!


Home is a card-driven horror roleplaying game I’m co-designing with Doug Levandowski. In it, you explore a house plagued by the supernatural. Expect more details here soon! We are currently in the playtesting phase.