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Upcoming Publications

“Bluebonnet Season” in Neon Hemlock’s The Crawling Moon: Queer Tales of Inescapable Dread

My short story “Bluebonnet Season” is a part of Neon Hemlock’s upcoming horror anthology The Crawling Moon: Queer Tales of Inescapable Dread. The book is expected to be published on February 6, 2024 and is currently available for pre-order on their site.

In Progress

New Adventures for The Shivers (Kickstarter Live Now!)

The Kickstarter for the new expansions to The Shivers pop-up art game is live and going strong! The campaign will be running until November 1st and these new additions include a museum scene, an observatory, a dungeon, and the giant exterior of the Shivers mansion. I’ll be writing some eerie adventures for the game, and I’ve got my eye on that T-Rex skeleton in the museum…

New Choice of Games Project

I’m currently working on my second Choice of Games title! This one is a blend of sword and sorcery and horror.